Written Press & Photographers Registration

Media Accreditation procedure

The IAAF Accreditation Registration System allows media representatives (writers and photographers representing print publications, web publications and news agencies) to apply for accreditation in order to cover the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018.

The deadline for journalists and photographers to apply for accreditation is 25 June 2018 .

The accommodation deadline is 15 June 2018 . Bookings will be handed on a "first come, first served" basis.

In order to access the system the first time, the user needs a specific Access Code.

WARNING - the registration form must be filled in using Latin characters.


After having entered the Access Code, the user will be requested to:
• click on the "Proceed" button if he/she never applied online for any IAAF event.
• fill in the login details if he/she is already registered on line for other IAAF events.

Once the registration procedure has been completed, the user will receive an email acknowledging that the data has been successfully received. In the same message the user will also find a reminder of his/her personal login details (first name, family name, date of birth and password) to be used after the first registration for all successive accesses to the system.

As you enter your Personal Details, the system will automatically inform you if, depending on your nationality, you require a visa to enter the host country, and the following message will appear on the screen:

Visa requirements for journalists are as provided by the Tampere LOC. If a visa is required (given your nationality), please select the invitation letter request box below to receive a visa letter from the Organising Committee

By ticking the Invitation Letter Request box below, the Local Organising Committee of Tampere 2018 will be informed that you require a visa invitation letter and when your accreditation request is approved, the LOC will send the letter to your e-mail address.

Completion of the registration process does not automatically guarantee accreditation.

Once the application has been examined and approved by the IAAF (or the National Federation for the Host Country) the user will receive a Confirmation Letter by email.

In the registration form section, besides the personal data to be filled in, the user finds two additional tabs:
• Documents
• Travel and Accommodation

In this section it is possible to upload documents which may be required to complete the accreditation process or to fill in additional information.

Travel and Accommodation
In this section it is possible to fill in the travel details and select the hotel. Once the process is completed, your accommodation request will be transmitted to the Tampere 2018 LOC and to the chosen hotel, which will contact you in order to finalise the booking and request payment..

Any changes to your initial booking will be managed only by email (media@tampere2018.com).


In order to modify personal data, or add more information, the user will be able to access the system at any time using the login details: first name, family name, date of birth and password.

Once the accreditation request is approved, all data will be locked. Any further changes will be managed only by email (media@tampere2018.com).


The categories below have to follow a partially different procedure:
• Freelance journalists
• Photographers
• Web sites
• Non Rights Holders

Freelance journalists
Freelance Journalists may be requested to upload (in Pdf or Jpg format) a letter on the headed paper of the principal Media Organisation they will be working for.

Photographers wishing to cover the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 will be asked to sign an Agreement Form certifying that they agree to certain conditions.

Journalists wishing to cover the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 for a Website will be requested to fill in a questionnaire during the registration procedure.

Website journalists also have the possibility to request to be allowed, under certain conditions, to record audio and video material in the Mixed Zone and Medallists’ Press Conferences.

After requests are examined, by the IAAF and its marketing company AMS, the latter will decide whether or not to accept the request.

Website journalists allowed to record audio and video material will be requested to sign an Agreement Form certifying that they agree to certain conditions

Non Rights Holders
Non Rights Holders wishing to cover the IAAF World U20 Championships Tampere 2018 should send their request by email to: nonrightsholders@iaaf.org